If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, before you start with the first steps, learn about the latest trends in interior design.

A Spacious Bathroom

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only used for hygiene but also for relaxation and beauty treatments, representing a space in which you can feel comfortable and fresh. Having a spacious bathroom is definitely a trend.If you can, extend your bathroom by picking up space from another room (for example, a dressing that you do not use). You can look for unique bathroom vanities at Denver antique stores for a special design and feel.  Alternatively, you can work on appearances; for example, you can choose large floor tiles. Besides providing a visual magnification, these tiles have less joints and accumulate less dust. By using minimalist elements, your bathroom will acquire a new, aesthetic, modern and spacious aspect.

bathroom vanities

 Nature-inspired finishes

This is not the first year in which natural finishes are in trends when it comes to stylish bathroom design and decoration. Natural stone,brick or solid wood are among the most popular finishes in recent years, sothey can not miss bathrooms` decors. Famous designers will keep using them as often as possible in their projects.

Metal decorations

 The use of metal for interior decoration has culminated in recent years and it seems that this trend will not disappear. Metals offer glow and beautiful contrast to natural materials. With a matte or satin look, metal will still be popular in 2019.