What is a backsplash?

 Backsplashes are vertical extensions to bathroom or kitchen counters,typically stretching the length of the counters, and being designed to protect walls from unintended splashes of water, oil etc. that happens when making your toilette or cooking. There are no requirements about the size of a backsplash; it can be only a few inches high, but also as high as the ceiling – according to the preferences of the homeowner. Also, it can be made of various materials.

 Backsplashes can be used to enhance the overall aspect of the kitchen or bathroom they are installed in. Therefore, besides their functional protective purposes, backsplashes also represent a beautiful addition. Usually backsplashes are chosen to compliment the color and design of kitchen cabinets Denver retail options.

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They are available in a wide range of materials, but most often, they are built from tiles (glass mosaic being the most popular). Other materials include stainless steel, granite, silestone etc. Many people prefer to have counters and backsplashes made from the same materials.

A modern material for backsplashes is sheet glass, which provides the great advantage of allowing to be painted in any color you prefer.Painting the side facing the wall means that this layer cannot be scraped or scratched, being also protected against wear and tear.