Do you feel that your bathroom is no longer as nice as it used to be and you want to make a radical change? If you are bored with its appearance, or consider that the space is no longer functional enough, it is time for a change of décor. Here’s an essential checklist for bath remodel project.

bath remodel Denver

Establishing a budget

Without a predetermined budget, you may not be able to purchase everything that you would like to include in your bathroom remodeling project. If you find discounted products, it is all the better: you save money and buy everything you need!

Choosing the furniture – total or partial replacement?

With a bath remodel Denver design project, you either replace everything and buy new furniture, from cabinets to sanitary ware, or you keep some of the old items, those that have not yet lost their charm and stood the test of time. Be careful, consider the available space and choose adequate items, to avoid overcrowding.

Lighting – does it help anything?

Certainly. A properly lit bathroom looks more spacious. At the same time, it acquires an improved aesthetic appearance. In addition to the classic lighting methods, you opt for a bathroom mirror with led or neon built-in, or you can choose a piece of furniture that also has a lighting system, as in the case of mirrors.

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