Modern houses are characterized by simplicity, convenience and functionality, and rolling shelves meet all these conditions, which makes them a popular feature.

Rolling shelves have a mechanism that allows them to be rolled out partway, which provides better access to all kind of things stored in the back of the cabinets. If we think that the standard depth of kitchen cabinets is about 60 cm, we realize that items stored in the back, especially on the upper and lower shelves can be quite difficult to reach – but not if you install rolling shelves.

Therefore, this is the biggest advantage of this type of shelving in modern houses, but not the only one.

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Rolling shelves allow better organization of the items, because they are more efficient in the use of the available space. These shelves can be installed at any distance one from the other, according to your needs to store larger or smaller objects. Find additional installation design information at Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath – kitchen cabinets Denver.

They are versatile and can be also installed in unsuspected places – under the bed, under the bathtub etc. and must not always be “hidden” inside closets. They also provide great display options (for example in a wine cellar).

The only disadvantage is that the rolling mechanism does not allow these shelves to bear as much weight as fixed shelves.

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